New Year, New You!

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For most of us the New Year means new beginnings. A great way to make a fresh start is by detoxifying your body. So why don't you join us at Healthspring for a

3-week cleanse?

We will be giving you two body composition readings (pre and post). A body composition analysis not only measures weight, but also percent fat, fat mass, percent hydration, basal metabolic rate, and grams of protein needed. Throughout the program, we will be sending out supportive emails every few days as well as offering discounts on the Clearvite protein and other detoxifying aids.

It is recommended that you start anytime from December 26th to January 5th.


  • 20% off Clearvite protein powder

  • FIR sauna sessions at 1/2 price

  • 20% off IonCleanse Foot baths

Sign up with Brian or Sarah by December 24th !!

December 2014

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