Labyrinths: A Tool for Peace

I realize that many of you do not even know we have a labyrinth in our back garden. If you have never walked one this would be a good year to try it! Labyrinths are one of the oldest transformational tools know to humankind. They have been used for centuries for prayer, ritual, initiation, and personal and spiritual growth. Unlike a maze a labyrinth is unicursal - only one way to the center and back out again. Once you set your foot on the path you are gently guided to the center of the labyrinth and yourself. There are no obstacles, no dead ends, and no tricks. So – with the labyrinth walker it is a meditative process – the mind can be stilled and attention paid to the body. It is a time of being rather than doing. Labyrinths also help us access our intuition and creativity, integrate body and spirit, listen to our heart, connect to the greater universal flow of energy, and deepen our spirituality.

Whoever you are, walking the labyrinth has something to offer. If a project is challenging you, walking can get your creative juices flowing. When struggling with grief, anger, physical challenge, or illness, walking the labyrinth can point the way to healing and wholeness. If you’re looking for a way to meditate or pray that engages your body as well as your soul the labyrinth provides such a path. When you just want reflective time away from a busy life, the labyrinth can offer you a time out. The labyrinth holds up a mirror, reflecting back to us not only the light of our finest selves, but also whatever restrains us from shining forth.

Benefits of Walking the Labyrinth

Physical Well-Being: the very act of walking the labyrinth restores our connection to our physical body. The process allows us to shed stress or tension. It invites us to fully inhabit our body, feel our breath, notice our gait, suspend our thoughts, and reconnect with self.

Emotional Well-Being: many forms of emotional healing can occur during the walk; i.e. releasing anger, frustration, fear, worry, grief, or sadness. You can use it to help with a specific problem or challenge. It can also be a tool for forgiveness and healing of relationships.

Mental Well-Being: The labyrinth offers a brief respite from the incessant mental chatter we all deal with – a time out. As you walk you also balance your right and left brain. It can be used to gain clarity and insight, help remove creative blocks, and open you up to new futures.

Spiritual Well-Being: Labyrinths were primarily created as spiritual tools. No matter what your beliefs, the walk can help you connect more deeply to yourself, a higher power, and the universe itself. Labyrinths are reminders that we are not human beings on a spiritual path, but spiritual beings on a human path.

The mission at Healthspring is to facilitate healing on the physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual level, to empower others by educating them about their bodies, enabling them to take greater responsibility, to share in the pain and joy that is part of living, to nurture and care for others by providing a safe haven for healing.

Our labyrinth is an extension of our purpose. We offer it to our patients, friends, and community with the hope that it brings healing, clarity, solace, insight, fun, and magic to our everyday lives. Please use it any time, bring your friends with you to enjoy the gifts that the labyrinth can give. The more the labyrinth is used the more energy it has to give.

July 2022

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