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Healthspring Holistic Center has Transitioned to Restoring Wellness

We are a progressive holistic center with a unique approach to healthcare. Employing some of the latest healing, detoxifying, and wellness modalities, we at Healthspring are on the leading edge of alternative medicine. We see patients of all ages with a variety of conditions.


Our mission is:

  • To facilitate healing on the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual level

  • To empower others by educating them about their bodies, enabling them to take greater responsibility for their health

  • To share in the pain and joy that is a part of living

  • To nurture and care for others by providing a safe haven for healing.



We hope you enjoy and benefit from our website. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance in your health care needs.

Tour of Healthspring Holistic Center

Fragrance-Free Facility
We thank you for not wearing any products
that contain scents while visiting our office.



"Hands down the best chiropractor in Atlanta AND the best massage therapist in Atlanta. When I get injured, Dr. Janeah and Sharon Remaly fix me up pronto. AMAZING."


L. Dinkelman



"Hi, Dr. J -- This weekend I bought some new sneakers at a running store. They have this thing that you stand on to see how you distribute your weight on your feet. Pressure points on the foot show up and they can see what sort of arch you have. Long story short, I got on the thing and the guy went nuts. I was perfectly balanced, equal weight on each foot, 1st time he's ever seen that. Thought you'd like to know just how darn good you are!"


P. Lentz


"My sister told me to see Dr. J about my Arthritis. The advice and natural herbal supplements that Dr. J gave me have forever changed my life!! All WITHOUT the use of drugs. I have thrown away all of the bottles of NSAIDs that I have been taking for the last 4 years. I hope to never need them again!!!"


S. Foelsch



Best Chiropractor and staff in Atlanta."


R. Baldwin

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