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Blue Water

Water- so critical for us that we can only live approximately 3 days without it. It makes up the majority of our body weight and affects everything from brain function to digestion. Many illnesses are started or aggravated from chronic dehydration. Constipation, headaches, dry skin, and even weight loss can be improved by consuming enough clean water.

Many of us on a healing journey know drinking water is vital, but how do you get clean water that will truly hydrate our precious cells?  Not all water is created equal and today, more than ever, we live in a world with so many fads, popular products, and confusing information.

First, let's talk tap water. Warning: You DO NOT want to drink this stuff!!!  Besides the toxic chlorine and fluoride that they tell us goes in the water, there are other less publicly known issues. However, it is well documented that municipal water contains trace metabolites from medication (think birth control pills, Viagra, Prozac, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, etc). In some city water they have even found rocket fuel!  But the highest percentage of contaminant is from toilet paper!!  So, NO Tap water to drink or use in cooking.  I don't give it to my pets either!

Many of us know tap water is contaminated so we turn to bottled water. Much of that is full of plastic, contaminants, and often almost as bad as tap! And while we are at it- - No Alkaline water (just a misleading fad that will worsen one's health), nor distilled water (dead). 

So where does one get clean water these days??  One of the best water purifiers on the market today is a Big Berkey Water Filter.   Berkey Filters use gravity to feed water from a stainless steel top chamber through filtering cartridges, which then empties into a ready-to-drink bottom chamber. The element’s micro-pores trap and absorb harmful contaminants, while its innovative ion exchange intercepts viruses before they even get a chance to sneak into your drinking water. In fact, Berkey claims the 2.25 gallon system (the brand's most popular, although Berkey does offer other sizes!) eliminates 99.9999 percent of waterborne pathogens and viruses alongside more than 99.9 percent of heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury and chromium. This filter removes over 99.9% of contaminants from your tap water. Berkey filters surpassed being just a water filter and actually qualify as a water purifier.  And the water tastes good too!!

Big Berkey Water Filter, is perfect for everyday home kitchen, shower filters, and even for camping and living outdoors!

Click on the link Big Berkey Water Filters to check it out and if you make a purchase bring in your receipt and you’ll receive a goodie bag from Healthspring.

PS; Dr Janeah recommends adding in the fluoride cartridges and the Sight Glass Spigot.

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