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Healthspring Holistic is here to help you reach your health goals, providing a variety of healing modalities to fit your individual needs.



Dr. Janeah Saadeh

Dr. Saadeh uses an integrative approach to healthcare. Learn more >>



Our Massage Therapist, Sharon Remaly, has training in a variety of massage techniques. Learn more >>


Pain Management and Healing

We have a variety of methods to decrease inflammation, manage pain, and accelerate healing; including K-Laser, Spinal Decompression Therapy, PEMF, and more. Learn more >>


Detoxification Solutions

Detoxification is important part of maintaining overall health. Learn more >>


Diagnostic Services

We provide a high level and wide range of diagnostic services. Learn more >>


Retail Room

To benefit our patients, we offer several items for purchase from essential oils to homeopathic remedies. Learn more >>


Lending Library

We offer an extensive and continually expanding selection of books, tapes, and videos on a variety of health topics. This resource is freely available to our patients and conveniently located in our waiting area.


Labyrinth and Garden

Labyrinths are one of the oldest transformational tools known to human kind. Learn more >>



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