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The Real Price of Fast Food

Many Americans realize that they can get a "value" meal at numerous fast-food restaurants for far less money than it takes to purchase food to make a healthy meal for their family. Unfortunately, the real price for this cheaper meal comes in the form of an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, pain ,etc. In short, the price of repeatedly eating this "food' is suffering from a life of chronic disease.

Perhaps nowhere are the problems with the American food system more apparent than in our schools, where kids are served processed food products that only vaguely resemble actual fresh food. Did you know that the turkey sandwiches in their school lunch contain 100 ingredients!!!

What this cocktail of chemicals is ultimately doing to our population is difficult to pin down, but food additives like preservatives, artificial flavors and MSG have already been linked to behavioral problems, ADHD and cancer, among others. But, again, many assume that the burger from a fast-food joint is equivalent to one they’d make in their own kitchen … a far cry from reality.

For instance, the McRib sandwich from McDonald’s, described as pork, barbecue sauce, slivered onions and tart pickles, served on a hoagie style bun, actually contains more than 70 ingredients and even the ‘pork’ allegedly consists of restructured meat product (made from all the less expensive innards and castoffs from the pig). Unfortunately, some parents are unaware that feeding their kids fast-food meals is like feeding them a chemistry experiment, or they are simply lured in by the low prices and tasty (albeit artificial and addictive) flavors. One of the most disturbing health trends of the 21st century is that today’s generation may be the first to live a shorter lifespan than their parents! This is a direct result of too much cheap (nutrient-deficient and toxin-laden) food.

Need ideas or recipes for healthier food options? Check out our Recipes page.

September 2014

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