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Medical Medium

This is to all of you who still suffer from nagging aches and pains to serious illnesses. This is also to all of my patients over 30 years that I have not helped or only helped to a certain point. Please look into the work of Anthony William. He has written 3 books (Thyroid Healing, Life Changing Foods, Medical Medium) and has a blog at

About 2 years ago I came across his information and it has changed my life and my practice. I was lucky enough to join a Practitioner group that was started and to be training and learning this material over the past 2 yrs. I do feel it is the answer all of us have been looking for that still suffer. My own journey of "Autoimmune," Hashimoto's Thyroid, Shingles, and other nagging health concerns led me to keep looking for answers. This information is different than the current thinking in Alternative medicine, different then many of the popular fads, different than what I had been trained to believe but I have come to believe it is much more "Truth" than all of that. I feel so blessed to have found this material and just want to pass on the info.

If you are interested in getting help implementing the changes please feel free to contact my office. While the info on one hand makes a lot of sense; it is often involved as far as applying it.

December 2017

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